St. Mary’s Home Care Partners with Restore-Skills Gamification Platform

St. Mary’s Home Care Partners with Restore-Skills Gamification Platform

St. Mary’s physical therapist Jessica Merino has been working with Max, who has cerebral palsy, on postural control and reaching. She recently started using the Restore-Skills gamification platform during her therapy sessions with Max to help him achieve his goals. The Restore-Skills platform offers hundreds of engaging games that target therapeutic goals through computerized play to motivate patients to practice and succeed.

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In their daily session, Max was excited to “try something different” when Jessica introduced him to the Restore-Skills platform. Since Max loves cooking, Jessica picked a game called “Kitchin Mixin” that she thought Max would like. In order to play the game, Jessica cut up a red pool noodle that was light enough to maintain his grip and easy to hold to use as his controller. To play the game, Max’s therapist supported his postural control and assisted him in order for him to have his right arm crossing midline to help hit the targets on the screen. Max also worked on his cognitive skills of sequencing by following the steps of “cooking” while working on reaching across midline and improving his postural control.

Max loved the game and selected many other games to play, which all helped his therapist work on daily goals. Restore added fun during therapy and motivated Max to perform his exercises. He now looks forward to playing new games during his sessions which help him maintain and meet new therapy goals.

RESTORE-Skills is an online skill-building platform designed to gamify therapy and wellness. Turn any device into a powerful, engaging, and measurable tool with hundreds of customizable activities that motivate your clients to reach their goals. Unlimited community access offers the flexibility to play on as many devices, and with as many individuals, as you want. Track game data during functional skill sessions to continue achieving goals. Players move more, stand longer, and refuse treatment less by combining skill-building with fun activities based on their personal interests!

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