Contractor for Kids (A Children’s Charity)

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Contractor for Kids (A Children’s Charity)

Contractors For Kids (CFK) is a not-for-profit corporation founded for the purpose of providing assistance to families in our communities. Our goal is to assist children and their families overcome obstacles that have unfortunately changed or have impacted their lives through the sickness, injury or death of a child. We are committed to this cause and want to give hope and reassurance for their futures. CFK is passionate about their vision: “Whether it is to pay a phone bill or mortgage payment, we will be there. Whether it be aiding in paying for medical bills deemed “experimental”​ or due to lack of insurance, we will be there. Whether it be arranging transportation or paying for a room to allow families to remain close during these tough times, we will be there. In heartbreaking cases when a child does not survive their illness and a family needs financial help with burying a child, we will be there. We will do as many of these things to the best of ability, we will always be there.”

20 Peachtree Court Suite 103-L Holbrook, New York 11741 1-888-208-5437