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The Mission of St. Mary's Center of Innovation is to improve the health and quality of life for children with special healthcare needs and their families through the development, acceleration, and research of innovative processes, programs and technologies.

By nature, the diverse needs of young people with medical complexity demands innovation in order to manage symptoms, maximize developmental potential, restore function, and improve quality of life.

Our healthcare system has no shortage of talented people who create and promote promising new interventions but, historically, the training and support needed for clinicians to conduct formal research and establish evidence-based solutions is limited to academic medical settings.

This Innovation program is designed to translate academic research into front line solutions and to support our own internal capacity to turn new ideas into evidenced based solutions that can be used in other settings.

Why a Center for Innovation

It gives our groundbreaking pioneers the opportunity to gather together with ideas, using technology and healthcare, that will make a difference in the lives of our children.

The Center will create an environment for all members of the team so they can innovate, incubate, and accelerate ideas that are collaborative within the healthcare industry. This will ensure that the latest technologies in healthcare are brought forward for those on the front lines of clinical care.

Our Goals

By formally establishing a centralized, multi-faceted innovation program we are committed to:

  • Investing in education, mentorship and funding resources for our talented workforce.
  • Collaborating with patient and family partners in all phases of research design and execution.
  • Growing our external partners in the academic and technology sectors, assuring that our children’s unique needs are addressed in clinical trials.
  • Creating a pipeline of solutions that address the most critical care needs.
  • Openly share meaningful, actionable data that can accelerate progress worldwide for children and young adults with medically complexity.

Our Impact & Research

St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children is supporting the development of new ideas that are improving the delivery of care for and the health of children. This includes new protocols for treatment, stellar medical devices, new medicines, as well as technologies that will improve and expand diagnostics and digital health.

St. Mary’s is committed to extending the model of Patient & Family Care to Innovation and Research Activities. Children with medical complexity represent a heterogeneous population which is underrepresented in most, if not all, traditional research activities.

Successful engagement of patients and caregivers at all relevant phases of project design and implementation will optimize relevance of findings and serve to empower families who navigate complicated choices in the care of their children.

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publications in academic journals and medical text, white papers, etc.

St. Mary’s Center for Innovation plays an important role in supporting and innovating with external partners.

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About St.Mary’s​

St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children has a history of participating in empirical research, and in testing clinical programs and interventions to improve health outcomes and quality of life for children with special healthcare needs (CSCHN).


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