Family Services

St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children offers a variety of helpful programs and services to the families of our pediatric patients.

St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children offers a variety of helpful programs and services to the families of our patients to ensure every St. Mary’s Kid receives the care they need—and their loved ones the support they deserve.

Language Services

We provide spoken and sign language interpreting services as well as translated written documents to enable meaningful communication between residents, families and providers. We offer language interpretation with professional medical interpreters 24/7. Your child’s nurse or social worker can help you gain access to these services.

Spiritual & Religious Support

Our spiritual and religious programs and services strive to meet the needs of our religiously diverse patient population as well as our patients with no religious affiliation. Helping patients and families have access to the rituals and services that bring comfort and healing is essential. Spiritual counseling and support in response to the crisis of illness are available to all the parents/families at St. Mary’s.

Hospitality Room

This special community room is dedicated to orthodox/observant Jewish patients, families and visitors and available 24 hours a day for prayer and quiet contemplation. This secure room features a kosher refrigerator and microwaves, for preparing and storing kosher meals. If you would like access to this room, please speak with your child’s social worker or stop by the patient and family services office next door to the hospitality room.

Meditation Room

Finding time or space for silent contemplation or personal prayer is often difficult in the midst of a visit to your child. St. Mary’s meditation room is a warm inviting private space for use by family visitors. We maintain multiple faith religious objects and spiritual readings in the room to assist you in gaining access to the religious/spiritual practice that is personally comforting.

Family Resource Room & Library

Families can use this room to access healthcare and parenting resources, the internet or as a much-deserved respite. Books for all reading levels—from preschool to adult—are available for quiet reading time during visits.

*For your convenience, the hospitality room,  and meditation room are  conveniently located next to the patient and family services office opposite the café on the first floor. The  family resource room and library are located in the main lobby.


A lack of transportation should never keep loved ones away from any St. Mary’s kid. If you need a ride here, St Mary’s family/caregiver van service is available FREE of charge for pick up and drop off at specific locations in Queens, Bronx and Brooklyn, Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Reservations are required 48 hours in advance. Please call 917-520-2179 to make a reservation.

Going Home

St. Mary’s is dedicated to providing your child with the highest level of care—in the hospital and at home. Our care coordination staff will meet with you prior to discharge, assess your child’s professional care needs at home, facilitate a comprehensive team assessment, arrange for your care training, and connect you to community programs to ensure a smooth transition. Our staff can educate families on proper car seat safety and other topics, and give you access to our licensed community care professionals network.

Sibling Group

Having an ill sister or brother can be a difficult experience. Hospital visits can be difficult and restrictive and it’s easy for siblings to feel lost in the overwhelming needs of their ill sister or brother. Our monthly support group allows siblings ages five to 17 to discuss their experience, express their feelings, and meet peers in a similar situation. Facilitated by our social work staff, the group encourages siblings to have a voice, develop coping skills, and receive positive attention in a fun environment. Contact your social worker to enroll.