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At St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children, we bring big hearts, breakthrough care—and some of the best minds in pediatrics—to our little patients.

Big Hearts, Breakthrough Care

St. Mary’s Hospital for Children is a total-healing environment providing a continuum of programs and services and the highest level of support to children with medically complex conditions. At St. Mary’s, children and their families receive exceptional care, learn how to manage their conditions, and improve their quality of life. St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children is where big hearts help little patients.

Founded in 1870 in the heart of New York City, St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children is New York City’s first medical facility for children and one of the only providers of post-acute pediatric care. St. Mary’s is recognized as a national pediatric healthcare leader for its innovative approaches and high-quality care.

We’re the largest provider of long-term care for children with complex medical conditions in New York State and one of the nation’s leading providers of pediatric post-acute care. And with good reason: No one has brought more pioneering programs—such as our pediatric feeding disorders and state-of-the-art rehabilitation programs—or offers a greater continuum of care than St. Mary’s.

We provide specialized in-patient care, day healthcare, rehabilitation, home care, and education services to children and young adults following acute care hospitalization due to premature birth, illness, injury, or other critical health conditions. Our family-centered philosophy, combined with advances in medicine and technology, help children survive illness and injury once thought impossible to overcome. We welcome and thoroughly support children and their families every step of the way.  Care is at the heart of everything we do.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children is committed to improving the health and quality of life of children, young adults, and families with medical complexity and special healthcare needs.

We are New York’s largest and most experienced long-term care provider for children with medically complex conditions and New York City’s only post-acute care facility.

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Our Leadership

Our dedicated, diverse leadership team is the key to St. Mary’s continued growth, community involvement, and organizational success.

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Our History

St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children has been helping and healing children for over 150 years. We’ve grown from our humble beginnings as a 15-bed facility in Manhattan to our nine-acre Queens campus, where we operate at capacity with 127-beds—and through our day and home care services and community program, we improve the lives of thousands more.