St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children’s pediatric rehabilitation services offers an unparalleled depth and breadth of services centered around one goal: To help every child achieve their personal best.

Our Programs

Our dynamic rehabilitation programs help patients reach their own “firsts” in a fun, kid-friendly, and family-welcoming environment.

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Physical Therapy

When a child’s difficulty moving impacts daily life, our highly skilled physical therapists work with them—and their family—using a variety of innovative techniques designed to help build strength, improve movement, restore maximum movement and functional ability, and prevent injuries from recurring.

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Occupational Therapy

Using a multifaceted approach to improving physical, cognitive, visual, and emotional functions, our skilled therapists focus on helping children gain independence in all aspects of their daily lives, maximize skills and abilities, enhance their confidence, and gain a sense of accomplishment.

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Speech Therapy

Our team of New York State licensed speech pathologists provides comprehensive evaluations and treatment for children and adolescents with a variety of speech, language, and feeding disorders. This may include augmentative communication, allowing nonverbal patients to interface with technology.

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Infant Stimulation

This program helps babies who are often at risk of developmental delays reach key milestones. Working with occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech professionals, each baby is treated using play, feeding, and massage therapy to engage and develop all of their senses.

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Constrained Induced Movement

Based on research pioneered at St. Mary’s, our innovative treatment for hemiplegia—partial paralysis caused by injury to the brain—helps children with neurological problems affecting their arms and hands, such as cerebral palsy or a traumatic brain injury, regain the use of a weakened limb.

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Locomotor Training (LT)

LT is an intensive individualized therapy program that improves function in persons with spinal cord injury and other neurological diagnoses.  The interventions in this program focus on sending appropriate input to the nervous system systematically so that it can learn tasks such as sitting upright, standing, and walking.

A Pediatric Rehabilitation Center Like No Other

At St. Mary’s Hospital for Children, our state-of-the-art rehabilitation services are delivered inpatient at our Dr. Burton Grebin Rehabilitation Center, in the community with ABA Therapy, or the comfort of their homes.

Burton Grebin Rehabilitation Center continues the legacy of Dr. Grebin, the pioneer who revolutionized children with special needs care. In addition to the enhanced indoor rehabilitation therapy areas, the outdoor space is bright, colorful, and cutting-edge.

Unique Municipal Credit Union Outdoor Rehab Track

Enables patients to navigate sidewalks, stop signs, and even a few bumps in the road, well before they actually are ready to leave the hospital.

RGL Group Aquatic Therapy Center

Helps those with limited mobility improve muscle tone, elevate endurance and cardiovascular efficiency, and increase circulation, balance, and coordination.

Activities of Daily Living Suite

Prepares patients and families for life at home—and in the community—to help make the transition back to real life as seamless as possible.

Advanced Neuro-Rehabilitation Equipment

Robotic exoskeletons and video game technology help improve outcomes for children and young adults with brain injury and neurological conditions.

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St. Mary’s Home Care Rehabilitation Program
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