St. Mary's Home Care & Community Palliative Care

A Special Needs Certified Home Health Agency Caring for Children and Young Adults with Medical Complexities

Compassionate Care at Home

St. Mary’s understands that children and young adults with medical complexity need ongoing support to mediate the stresses and symptoms of serious illness and life-threatening conditions. Through referrals from their Health Home Care Coordinators, children and young adults can access services designed just for them, including the palliative care services offered  as part of the HCBS waiver.


St. Mary’s HCBS Waiver Palliative Care Program Highlights

Under the New York State Children’s Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Waiver, St. Mary’s Home Care has been designated as a provider of palliative care services for children and young adults. 

Palliative care is designed to be an extra layer of support for patients and families who are experiencing the symptoms and stressors of a serious and/or complex medical condition. St. Mary’s Home Care uses a family-centered, team approach to care. Our compassionate clinicians work closely with the patient’s family, physician, and other healthcare professionals to provide the best care possible. 

Various healthcare professionals provide palliative care services to help patients achieve an enhanced quality of life. St. Mary’s employs a palliative care team comprised of skilled clinicians with experience as Expressive Therapists and Counselors who specialize in the medically fragile/medically complex population.



Specialized Services

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Expressive Therapy

(Art, Music, and Play) to promote the
expression of feelings and create lasting
memories through legacy building and
tangible mementos such as artwork,
scrapbooks, stories, and musical
Our Expressive Therapists are licensed
creative arts therapists, music therapists, play therapists, and child life specialists who work with patients and their families to provide an outlet of expression through creative and kinesthetic modalities.

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Counseling & Support Services

Supports children and their families through the grief and stresses of serious illness via individual and family counseling.
Our Counselors are licensed social workers, licensed mental health
counselors, and licensed psychologists who counsel and support patients and their families through the stresses and grief
associated with chronic and/or life-threatening conditions and the end-of-life experience. Counselors also provide ongoing bereavement counseling for up to 6 months. 

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