You know your child best. That’s why we’re committed to patient- and family-centered care principles. When your child becomes a St. Mary’s Kid, you will be an important care team member.

Our staff will partner with you to develop your child’s individual care plan, organize resources, and coordinate services to meet your child’s and family’s needs. In addition, you will have the opportunity to join committees, councils, and teams, and to share feedback and insights.

Family Meetings

During your child’s stay at St. Mary’s, you can participate in regular family meetings. Family meetings bring together all of the key members of your child’s care team to discuss goals for your child’s care and comfort, progress during their stay, or planning for discharge. It’s a place to talk about achievements, concerns, and other important issues your family may have related to your child’s care.

Family Satisfaction Surveys

We believe that a positive patient and family experience happens through good communication, mutual respect, and true partnership between patients, families, and staff. We care about your experience and want to hear from you. Whether you love the service and care you’ve received or if you have suggestions on ways in which we can improve, we want to hear from you!

Family Advisory Council

Through our family advisory council, you have the opportunity to learn more about changes and improvements at St. Mary’s and to actively participate in decision-making and planning for new programs. Our family advisory council is a great way for family members to partner with us to improve the experience of care at St. Mary’s. For more information about the family advisory council, please call 718-281-8952.

Participation in Committees or Special Projects

At St. Mary’s, parents have the opportunity to give input and share their ideas on how to make services better for all families. You may volunteer to sit on a committee, give your perspective as part of a small group or review policies and procedures or educational materials.