Our Leadership

St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children is a touchstone in the treatment and healing process for our patients and their families.

Our leadership team—from the president to the board of directors—are the big hearts that make this possible for our little patients.

Dr. Edwin F. Simpser


Dr. Simpser joined St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children as Chief Medical Officer in 1999 and is presently its President and Chief Executive Officer. Over the past 15 years, he has tirelessly devoted himself to advancing the organization’s mission of caring for children with special needs and their families.

Executive Leadership

William Mead

William Mead

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer

Sean R. Lally

Sean R. Lally

Vice President for Development, Strategic Planning, and External Affairs

Ken Kupetsky

Ken Kupetsky

Vice President, Chief Information Officer

Adam Waxer

Adam Waxer

General Counsel and Corporate Compliance Officer

Patricia Hackenjos

Patricia Hackenjos

Assistant Vice President, Human Resources

Board of Directors

Cindy S. Johnson, Co-Chair
Stephen Brent Wells, Co-Chair
Raymond M. Planell, Esq., Vice Chairman
Samuel R. Karetsky, Secretary/Treasurer
Stuart Acker
Alexander K. Buchholz
Nick Cannon
Harry Coghlan
Ruth Colp-Haber
Anthony Coniglio
Norman M. Feinberg
Mark Goldberg
Thomas Kissane
Jeffrey Levine
Henry T. Lievre
Vincent L. Riso
Peter E. Roth
The Honorable Claire Shulman, Honorary Director
Mother Miriam, CSM, Founding Director
Sr. Mary Jean, CSM, Founding Director

Clinical Management

Dawn Cuglietto, PsyD

Assistant Vice President, Patient & Family Services and Rehabilitation

Bency Mathew RN, MSN, RN-BC, C-NE

Director of Nursing Services
System Director for Quality, Education and Informatics

Elvira Fardella-Roveto, RN, FNP B-C

Director of Professional Services/Home Care Administrator

Desiree Merrill, MD

Medical Director

Licensures & Memberships


New York State Department of Health

New York State Department of Education


American Hospital Association
American Public Health Association
Association for the Care of Children’s Health
Children’s Hospice International
Children’s Hospital Association
Continuing Care Leadership Coalition
Greater New York Hospital Association
Healthcare Association of New York State
Home Care Association of New York State
National Association for Home Care
National Subacute Care Association