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Seating and Mobility

St. Mary’s Seating and Mobility Program is committed to providing quality care to meet the assistive device/mobility needs of our patients.

What is a Seating and Mobility Program?

It is a program focused on evaluating a patient’s functional need for assistive technology/durable medical equipment (DME). Equipment can vary from specialized manual wheelchairs to powered mobility and standing/gait training devices. The focus is to find an alternate means of mobility to maximize independence within the community with ease and safety.

Goals of Seating and Mobility Program

  • Maximize functional mobility through the use of an appropriate assistive device
  • Recommend equipment to enhance/improve quality of life for patient/caregiver
  • Provide assistive devices that adequately support postural alignment and function
  • Educate patients/ caregivers on assistive technology/DME and its appropriate use 

Program Approach

We will provide a comprehensive equipment evaluation, including functional status, postural alignment, pertinent medical history, caregiver needs, method of transportation, sensation and skin integrity, range of motion, strength, and equipment assessment. We work together via a team approach consisting of patient/caregiver, doctor, rehab specialist, and vendor (supplier) to determine the most appropriate equipment to complete their daily activities. 

Who is a candidate?

  • If the patient is non-ambulatory and requires a mobility device
  • Current chair needs adjustments due to growth, change in function/medical status
  • Patient requires other assistive devices to meet their daily needs (i.e., stander, gait trainer, etc.)

How do I get started?

Fill out the inquiry form below or contact us at 718-281-8987 if you have any questions. Once the form is received, it is reviewed for our next step – screening.

What is the screening process?

After the inquiry form is reviewed, the team will assess the following: 

  • Equipment need/ life of current equipment
  • Medical history
  • Insurance information

What to expect after the screening process?

After the screening process, expect a phone call/video conference request to discuss findings and program guidelines/expectations. Once cleared for the program, an onsite visit will be scheduled.

Inquiry Form

Simply complete the inquiry form and a St. Mary’s representative will contact you to review your medical records and provide more information on the program.

Contact Information

St. Mary’s Rehabilitation Program
Project coordinator:
Sonya Kaur: 718-281-8987

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