Your Stay at St. Mary’s

Get the information, policies and services to successfully prepare your child and family for an inpatient stay at St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children.

St. Mary’s Hospital for Children, part of the St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children, is more than a pediatric post-acute care hospital; it’s a total-healing environment where children with medically complex conditions can thrive—and their family caregivers can find all the support, education and tools they need. Here’s what you need to know about St. Mary’s and our patient- and family-centered philosophy.

Family Services

We understand that exceptional medical care and rehabilitation are only part of your child’s healthcare journey. We offer a wide range of services to support our patients and make their hospital experience as positive as possible.

What to Expect

Children and families are at the center of our care. When your child is at St. Mary’s, never be afraid to ask whom you’re talking to, or how a person fits into your child’s care team. Depending on your child’s needs, your multidisciplinary team may include different physicians, nurses, therapists, social workers and other specialists. Before you get to St. Mary’s, here are some ways to prepare for your child’s stay.

Visiting Hours and Policies

St. Mary’s honors your relationship with your child and supports your ability to be with your child 24 hours a day. Parents/guardians are always welcome—and encouraged—to spend time with their child, 24/7. Want to stay overnight? There’s room for one parent to stay overnight at bedside. Our staff will help you to feel as comfortable as possible during your child’s stay. For our patients’ safety, we have additional general visiting guidelines.

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Family Handbook

When your child becomes a St. Mary’s Kid, you become part of a network of educational tools, resources and support. One tool is our family handbook, which you’ll receive upon admission.

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Resident Rights

The comfort and dignity of every patient at St. Mary’s is of the utmost importance to us. We strictly uphold the rights of every resident.

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Family Newsletter

Read all about what’s going on throughout the St. Mary’s Healthcare System—and with St. Mary’s Kids—in this family-focused newsletter.

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Families as Partners in Care

You know your child best. That’s why we’re committed to the principles of patient- and family-centered care. While your child is at St. Mary’s, you will be an important member of your child’s care team. Our staff will partner with you to develop your child’s individual care plan, organize resources, and coordinate services to meet your child’s and family’s needs. In addition, you will have the opportunity to join committees, councils and teams, and to share feedback and insights.

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Resident and Family Inquiry, Grievance and Concern Process

Have a question about St. Mary’s Hospital or a concern about your child’s care? We want to hear from you—and we have a process in place to make it simple (and anonymous, if you like).