Locomotor Training is Back in Roslyn

After almost three months of quarantine and lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are excited to announce the reopening of the St. Mary’s Locomotor Training Program at our Roslyn location. Our program has been up and running providing therapy to our patients while still keeping our environment for staff, patients, and their families, safe and clean.

After three months and a few days back in therapy, we are able to see many improvements in our patients and would like to share some of these with you:

Denis has been able to hone his independent stepping skills during over-ground activities. He is looking forward to integrating these skills at home.

Luke has been showing a lot of activity in his legs and it looks like it has become more consistent during his sessions since starting back with us in Roslyn. He is even able to initiate steps on the treadmill. Go, Luke!

Logan is our newest patient and we are so pleased to welcome him to our Roslyn location. The picture you see is the first time he is on the treadmill with us. Way to go, Logan!

Louie started with us in Bayside and hasn’t been with us for a long time in Roslyn but we are still able to see a lot of improvement. He is able to reach for high fives from our techs, outside of his base of support without any support on his trunk. We are looking forward to working with him some more.

We are grateful for all your help and thank you for helping run the Roslyn location. Stay safe and healthy everyone!