Program Spotlight: Toddler Storytime

In September 2017, St. Mary’s launched an exciting program called Toddler Storytime. The program, which is thriving thanks to charitable support from the Nora Roberts Foundation , New York Life and Believe in Reading, takes place on our hospital’s toddler unit and helps young children improve their language skills and listening skills, and have lots of fun while doing so.

Each month, children in the Toddler Storytime group focus on a new book and word of the month to build literacy awareness and pre-literacy skills. The program includes group reading sessions, as well as group sing-alongs using fun songs that promote language development. The word of the month is posted around the hospital floor, so that staff and family members can utilize the word with the kids during daily activities. We also provide families with a copy of the book of the month so that they can read it with their child at their leisure, and also help their child build their very own library!

Toddler Storytime is brightening the lives of our toddler patients and helping them make great strides in developing their speech and literacy skills.

Thank you to all of our supporters for helping us provide enriching programs like this one to St. Mary’s kids.