St. Mary’s Big Hearts Snack Cart, Sponsored by Tia’s Hope

St. Mary’s is pleased to announce the launch of Big Hearts Snack Cart. It is a hospitality cart that will be stationed in the lobby of St. Mary’s Hospital for Children, for our patients and their families.

The Big Hearts Snack Cart will contain snack items for our patients and their families. Our Patient and Family Experience Coordinator, Rosey Vasquez, has been working diligently behind the scenes to make sure that the snacks have been ordered and the cart has been stocked.  The snack cart will be available throughout the week. Also, St. Mary’s Volunteer Coordinator, Priscilla Martin, has been assigning dedicated volunteers to operate the cart and serve our parents/families.

The cart will be operated on WEDNESDAY’S (2 – 4PM) and SATURDAY’S (10 – 11:30AM).

How did this all happen?

We could not have done this without the continued support of Tia’s Hope, a foundation that was established by Tia Palermo’s loving family to honor her wish to brighten the lives of hospitalized children and their families throughout the United States. The foundation’s generous donation has afforded us the ability to have this cart made and available throughout the week to St. Mary’s patients and families.

The cart, pictured here, was built by Jason Haas, the owner of Gadget Audio and Visual Solutions and husband of Katie Haas, St. Mary’s Social Worker. We are extremely happy with the cart and are grateful to Jason for building it for the families and patients at St. Mary’s.

St. Mary’s appreciates the support of Tia’s Hope for all the amazing Memory Moments they have been providing to St. Mary’s Kids and their families.