St. Mary’s Partners with Clean Air NY

St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children has partnered with 511NY Rideshare to bring St. Mary’s employees transportation services for improving their traveling experience!

St. Mary’s employees who participate will be able to form carpools with thousands of other members. From carpooling and vanpooling to transit and bicycling, no matter where you live, there are alternatives to driving alone.

Ridesharing can be a convenient, money saving travel experience. Check out all that they have to offer — ridematching for carpools and vanpools, guaranteed ride program, and resources and information for transit, park and ride, bicycling, walking, telework and other options.

Clean Air NY’s mission is to educate New Yorkers about how they can improve our air quality. Nearly one-third of all air pollution in the New York metropolitan region is caused by vehicle travel, so taking alternative forms of transportation, such as mass transit, can make a big difference. Each year, mass transit reduces carbon dioxide emissions by roughly the same amount as if electricity was turned off to half the houses in New York State! Other actions that can help clean the air are combining multiple errands into one trip and carpooling.

To participate in this program or to find out more information visit the online portal today!