St. Mary’s Reopens Medical Day Healthcare Program for Medically Complex Young Adults


After closing, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are pleased to announce that St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children Medical Day Healthcare program has reopened. Having been forced to close its doors due to the pandemic, our medically fragile young adults and teens, who rely on this program, have shown a significant physical decline since last March when the programs were paused.

The daily rehabilitation and nursing services our patients receive are not available elsewhere. The day care program provides our patients, with chronic medical conditions, which include cystic fibrosis, spina bifida, seizure disorders, autism, and various neuro-muscular disorders, with intensive clinical and rehabilitative care. There are activities that are designed to promote their skills, confidence, and independence in a nurturing and fun environment. Family members are always welcomed and encouraged to play a role in their success.

The day care program is designed to meet the therapeutic needs of our participants and may include physical, occupational and speech therapy to diabetes and weight management, nursing services and education to help them with activities of daily living.

“We’re relieved that we can finally welcome clients back to our program. St. Mary’s has a tight-knit community and we have strong relationships with our families, so this is a really emotional time for everyone,” said Allison McGeough, Program Director. “We know our families have been patiently waiting as they’ve struggled to keep everything afloat. A lot of work will need to be done to reverse the significant physical decline in our patients, but we’re excited to be back together again to help everyone reach their fullest potential.”

St. Mary’s Healthcare System for is regulated as an adult nursing home and was forced to close when programs for seniors closed. When that happened, the patients who receive constant care, occupational, physical, and speech therapy from our nurses and therapists were without any of these resources during the pandemic. The loss of progress had hurt their quality of life putting them at a higher risk for illness.

Because St. Mary’s Hospital for Children has one of the pediatric industry’s leading infection control programs, all of our patients and families are screened for COVID-19 signs, symptoms and exposure every day prior to coming on site. Everyone who enters the facility has their temperature taken and our employees follow the same PPE protocol as our hospital’s inpatient program.