Special Needs Preschool

Special Needs Preschool

The preschool at St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children is one of the only public preschools in New York dedicated to educating special needs children with the most complex medical conditions. Working closely with families, the early education program provides a consistently safe, happy and positive learning environment so every child can flourish.

Aligned with NYS Learning Standards

With integrated (12:1:2) and self-contained special needs classrooms (8:1:2, 6:1:2), our developmentally appropriate program aligns with all state standards. Each class’ special education teacher develops lessons to meet these standards and specific student needs.

Multidisciplinary Special Ed Approach

Each student in our program benefits from a team approach that includes special educators, speech-language pathologists, occupational and physical therapists, a social worker, a psychologist and teaching assistants.

Contact Information

St. Mary’s Hospital for Children
29-01 216th Street
Bayside, NY 11360

St. Mary’s Preschool
Queens Borough President Helen Marshall
Early Education Center

St. Mary’s Early Education Center
Carol Park, Director
Email: cpark@stmaryskids.org


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