Celebrating World Quality Day – November 11th 

Celebrating World Quality Day – November 11th 

Today St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children is recognizing World Quality Day, which celebrates raising the level of quality awareness and recognizing the efforts and contributions of quality professionals. Quality helps us provide a continuum of care to children and young adults with special needs and life-limiting conditions and paves the way in pioneering pediatric post-acute care.

Our entire St. Mary’s community is responsible for ensuring that the processes and services we provide meet the established standards set by St. Mary’s and ensure the safety of our residents, patients, families, staff, and visitors. St. Mary’s would like to recognize the following staff members and ask you to join us in acknowledging the dedication to care and quality they provide to our organization and our little patients:

Orthotics Team

Pictured left to right: Liz Alfonso, Sharon Rome, Amber Carmiencke, Lauren Puccio, Linda Volpe, MD and Melissa Smith.  Not pictured:  Kiera Fitzpatrick, Robin Garcia, Hillary Berlin, MD, and Tiffany Damers

Earlier this year St. Mary’s Hospital for Children identified a process gap related to orthotic ordering. Once identified, a core team of individuals came together to develop an action plan to close the gap and created a brand new process for the rollout of newly ordered orthotics. They continue to meet regularly to monitor the new process to ensure we are achieving our anticipated outcomes.

It is an honor to recognize the following individuals for their active participation, leadership, and dedication in the quality process for orthotic ordering, placement, and monitoring: Dr. Linda Volpe, Tiffany Damers, Liz Alfonso, Melissa Smith, Sharon Rome, Lauren Puccio, Amber Carmiencke, Kiera Fitzpatrick and last but certainly not least, Robin Garcia. Thank you so much for your dedication to St. Mary’s and your passion to always provide the best care possible to our residents.

Nirmeen Mansi, Health Home Care Coordinator

Nirmeen has been with St. Mary’s Care Coordination department since 2019 and has always been an exemplary frontline worker.  Every day Nirmeen strives to maintain the program within the standards of St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children. She is known to offer insightful ideas and provide critical feedback when needed. You will often find Nirmeen going above and beyond her responsibilities to help our medically complex/fragile patients and their families. Her dedication to her role at St. Mary’s has led Nirmeen to participate in the Care Coordination 2020 Documentation PIP Charter as a committee member. Since then, Nirmeen has committed herself weekly for several months to provide insight and the perspective of a Care Coordinator and helped identify barriers and areas for improvement relating to documentation. Nirmeen was transparent throughout the entire process and continues to play a vital role in developing tools, checklists, and the selection of training materials. Thanks to Nirmeen, St. Mary’s knows what she and all future Care Coordinators need to succeed.

Joseph Ingrassia, Office Data Coordinator

Joseph Ingrassia has been with St. Mary’s Home Care for four years is an integral part of CHHA operations. He assists in performance improvement initiatives from the MC Authorization Performance Improvement Project to the analysis of coordination reports — Joe does it all. Some of Joseph’s famous quotes include “I do my best to help” and “I always look to see how I can make a process better”. Today we want to recognize and thank Joseph for all his hard work, dedication, and quality-driven focus.

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