Big Hearts, Big Heroes

Big Hearts, Big Heroes

We all know that there are so many exceptional staff members at St. Mary’s Hospital for Children. It is an honor to be part of such a caring team that works to support children and young adults with special needs and medically complex conditions. St. Mary’s is a center of innovation, excellence and nurturing, supportive care. We know that all of our staff have big hearts for our little patients, and people working at all levels in St. Mary’s go above and beyond to advance our commitment to providing a wide array of developmentally appropriate, life-changing services.

Big Hearts, Big Heroes: Employee Recognition at St. Mary’s

St. Mary’s is launching a recognition to highlight some of those St. Mary’s Heroes brightening days and changing lives. Called “Big Hearts, Big Heroes,” our employee recognition program highlights staff members, therapists, doctors, administrators, contractors and workers at all levels who take the next step in providing exceptional care. Nominations for St. Mary’s Heroes are open to all staff members.

The recognition is based on the values of a St. Mary’s HERO:

  • Helps Unconditionally
  • Creates an Exceptional Experience
  • Takes Responsibility
  • Works with Optimism

Nominations are available at the St. Mary’s Recognition Hub. We want to hear all about the heroes that you work and interact with every day here at St. Mary’s. Just as it is an honor to work with the exceptional children and young adults who are St. Mary’s Kids, it can be transformative to share employment with others who are so dedicated to upholding a vision of a great, happy life for all.

Two special employees at St. Mary’s are the first recipients of the Hero Awards: Michael Liu, Respiratory Therapist, and Naeem George, Security Officer.

Naeem’s nomination detailed just one of the many stories told by patients, families and staff members that exemplify his caring nature and his commitment to accessibility. When Tina Hess, St. Mary’s Assistant Director of Quality, Safety, and Emergency Preparedness, arrived at St. Mary’s Hospital for Children to provide a weekend program, she found that all of the accessible handicapped parking spots were taken. Not only does Tina r require an accessible parking spot but she also had an assortment of training and workshop materials to bring to St. Mary’s. Without being asked, Naeem identified the situation, came to her car and carried all of the materials inside. He even took the keys to relocate the car to an accessible space as quickly as possible.

Tina noted in particular that “Naeem slowed his pace to match mine, without making it seem like a burden on him. He created an exceptional experience for me that day.” When she arrived, she was frustrated, noticing that many of the cars occupying the accessible spots did not have proper handicapped parking permits. “Naeem turned it around for me completely,” she says, exemplifying the qualities of a St. Mary’s HERO.

Michael Liu is known for his high level of skill as a respiratory therapist and his dedication to his patients. With his calm demeanor, professional composure and caring personality, he helps children and families to feel more comfortable while working to achieve great results in therapy. He received special recognition for his role in a life-saving incident on April 9, 2019. A driver suddenly came into St. Mary’s lobby to request urgent help for a visitor. After a Medical Assist was urgently called, Michael relied on his years of experience as a respiratory therapist as well as his previous work as a paramedic to begin chest compressions. Physicians, nurses and fellow respiratory therapist Luz Ortiz also worked to resuscitate the man, whose life was saved and who was later successfully discharged from the hospital. His co-workers noted that this incident was just another example of Michael’s dedication; he immediately went back to his prior assignment to continue his work for the day.

Congratulations, Naeem and Michael – and all the other St. Mary’s HEROES that make life better every day for children and young people!