Employee Spotlight: Emmanuel Pastrana, Respiratory Therapist

Employee Spotlight: Emmanuel Pastrana, Respiratory Therapist

Emmanuel Pastrana is a dedicated Respiratory Therapist who has found his calling at St. Mary’s Hospital for Children. The HR team at St. Mary’s recently had the privilege of interviewing Emmanuel, who shared his unique journey and incredible experiences working as a Respiratory Therapist. His story not only highlights his personal growth but also provides valuable insights into what sets St. Mary’s apart in the field of pediatric healthcare.

Q: What is most rewarding about working at St. Mary’s? 

A: “Working with the kids! They may not always be able to communicate with you verbally, but you can see it in their facial expressions. Any type of care I can provide to alleviate pain and provide comfort makes me happy.”

Q: In your opinion, what sets St. Mary’s apart from other employers in the industry? 

A: “There are many resources available at St. Mary’s that support our mental and emotional well-being, such as access to a meditation room and having team debriefings that demonstrate their concern for us. The little things that St. Mary’s provides, like ice cream parties, show staff appreciation and let them know that they matter.

Unlike other places I’ve worked, the HR staff at St. Mary’s is physically present for night shifts at least once a month, ready to lend a helping hand. This level of support reassures me that I can approach them about anything, fostering a sense of comfort and value in our workplace.

Q: What advice would you give someone starting in your field or looking to advance their career? 

A: “Put in the necessary years and effort into the field you want to work in. Look further into how you want to advance your skills and work towards your goal.”

Emmanuel’s words reflect our mission to improve the health and quality of life for children, young adults, and families with medical complexity and special healthcare needs.

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