Finding the Perfect Fit: How St. Mary’s Seating and Mobility Program Helps Choose the Right Assistive Device/Durable Medical Equipment

Finding the Perfect Fit: How St. Mary’s Seating and Mobility Program Helps Choose the Right Assistive Device/Durable Medical Equipment

When it comes to choosing the right assistive device/durable medical equipment, there are many factors to consider. The Seating and Mobility Program at St. Mary’s Hospital for Children evaluates each patient’s individual needs and helps find suitable equipment to assist in their daily activities.

Seating and MobilityThe Seating and Mobility Program at St. Mary’s Hospital for Children is committed to providing quality care to meet our patients’ assistive device/mobility needs. The program assesses each patient’s situation and recommends the best type of equipment to meet their needs. The program also works with patients to make sure they are comfortable using their new equipment and that it meets their expectations.

Thanks to funding from Provident Bank, the program recently secured a new power wheelchair that allows for power tilt, power recline, power seat elevation, and elevating leg rests. The old wheelchair did not have a recline option and caused the patient to lean to the left due to a broken backrest. The new chair provides lateral support and medial knee separation to allow overall posture to be in alignment.

Most importantly, this chair allows the patient to be at eye level with others even while powering down the street in the community side by side with individuals walking beside her. Due to the ability of this new chair to allow power recline, the patient immediately said upon sitting and reclining in it, “such a relief for my lower back.”

The Seating and Mobility Program has helped patients gain independence through the correct equipment. Whether a manual /power wheelchair, activity chair, stander, etc., the program will work with you to find the best option for your needs. We will provide a comprehensive equipment evaluation, including functional status, postural alignment, pertinent medical history, caregiver needs, method of transportation, sensation and skin integrity, range of motion, strength, and equipment assessment.

We work together via a team approach consisting of the patient/caregiver, doctor, rehab specialist, and vendor (supplier) to determine the most appropriate equipment to complete their daily activities.

Who is a Candidate?

If the patient is non-ambulatory and requires a mobility device, the chair needs to be adjusted based on growth, changes in function, or medical condition. The patient requires other assistive devices to meet their daily needs (such as a stander, gait trainer, etc.).

Would you like to get in touch? If so, please fill out the inquiry form here or call us at 718-281-8987 or 718-281-3822.

After the inquiry submission, a member of the team will contact you for further discussion.  Once cleared for the program, an onsite visit will be scheduled.