7th Day Adventist Church Members Extend Holiday Celebrations for St. Mary’s Kids

Group Visits with Kids & Brings Bagfuls of Toys and Holiday Surprises for Patients & Families

The day after Christmas brought more holiday celebrations and cheer to the children of St. Mary’s Hospital.

The members of 7th Day Adventist Church made a special visit to St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children and dropped off toys and holiday surprises for St. Mary’s patients and their families.

The group of children and adults hailing from Richmond Hill, Queens arrived at the Bayside hospital the day after Christmas bearing loads of gifts and spreading lots of joy. The group entertained St. Mary’s kids with their energetic voices and told inspirational stories about the holiday season.

St. Mary’s kids, some of the most seriously ill and injured children battling complex medical and life-limiting conditions, enjoyed the company and festive holiday celebration.