A Little Clowning Around is All the Kids Need

Cido the Clown and the East West Clown Tour Visit St. Mary’s Hospital for Children

 It was truly a day of clowning around at St. Mary’s Hospital for Children when Cido the Clown and his troupe from the World Clown Association from around the world visited some of New York’s most seriously ill and injured patients.

Cido the Clown aka Cyrus Zavieh has been entertaining children for over 8 years and is the Mid Atlantic Director for the World Clown Association and Clowns of America International.

From their red noses to their big feet and funny faces, Cido and his friends helped put a smile on children of all ages, all while forgetting about their condition. With a hatful of tricks and magic up their big sleeves, St. Mary’s Kids couldn’t get enough laughs in.

The real fun began when the clown troupe started grooving to some of their favorite tunes and the popular “Gagnam Style” had the kids going crazy on the dance floor.

Coordinated by Cido, this is all part of East West Clown 2013 tour that begins in New York with various hospitals, and will end in Malaysia where the clowns will visit more hospitals and orphanages. Besides entertaining children for a living Cido is also a hospital administrator at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens.

“If I can take the pain away from a sick child with laughter, then I feel I’ve done my job,” said Cido.

The children of St. Mary’s battle complex medical and life-limiting conditions due to serious illness, injury and complications of premature birth. When a child see’s a troupe of clowns walking into the hospital, they are instantly cheered up for the day.

The day became even more brightened when students from Townsend Harris High School dropped by and joined the dance party. The students, all part of the High School orchestra were visiting to perform for St. Mary’s Kids.

“It was such an exciting field, seeing children’s smiles,” Cido said. “For me there’s no greater job in life than seeing a smile on a kid’s face.”