Annual St. Nicholas Celebration Collects Toys for St. Mary’s HIV/AIDS Home Care Patients

Father Randolph Frew and Officers of the 10th Precinct Bring an Early Holiday Surprise for Kids of St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children

On Tuesday, November 17th, New York City patrons gathered for the 16th annual St. Nicholas celebration held at the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in New York City, to help bring an early holiday for the young patients of St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children.

Spearheaded by Rev. Randolph Frew, Founder and Executive Officer of the AIDS Action International, the yearly celebration gathered choirs, churches, schools, and local artists from the New York region, in an effort to collect toys and holiday gifts to help spread a little holiday cheer to over 2,000 persons affected by HIV/AIDS, including the young children and families in St. Mary’s Pediatric HIV/AIDS Home Care Program -the first and largest program in New York State that offers home health aide visits to HIV/AIDS patients in their homes, bringing the necessary medical attention needed in order to maintain and manage their illness.

“All participants are asked to bring at least one gift with them, and each year, the celebration continues to grow with people descending from all parts of the world to support this cause, said Father Randolph. St. Mary’s patients have been a long-time beneficiary and we are happy to have the opportunity to help.”

Joined by Officers Sonny Stellmann and Diego Feliciano of the 10th precinct, Father Randolph made his yearly visit to the bayside hospital to personally drop off the bagfuls of toys the celebration brought in. Plans are already in motion for next year’s event he tells us, and he hopes to arrive with even more toys than this year.