Dancin’ Queens Kick off Holiday Season with Spectacular Peformance

Bellerose Dancers’ Holiday Spectacular Entertains Young Patients of St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children

Rockettes move over, there’s a new group in town and their holiday spectacular has captured the hearts of St. Mary’s patients and their families.

From their synchronized high kicks to bouncy personalities, the Dancin’ Queens put on a sizzling performance for St. Mary’s kids, filled with the rhythmic tunes of holiday favorites, jazz, hip-hop, and old time rock and roll beats.

The young dancers hailing from Bellerose, Queens have always used their spectacular talents to bring joy and entertainment to the young patients of St. Mary’s, some of NY’s most critically ill and injured children battling complex medical and life-limiting conditions resulting from serious illnesses, accidents or injuries, and complications of premature birth.

Ranging from ages 3 and up, the jazzy performers dressed in their most vibrant outfits and riled the crowd into singing and dancing along, putting on a great show that left St. Mary’s kids screaming for an encore.

The youngsters have come back year after year to St. Mary’s anxious to spread a little holiday cheer to their favorite friends at the Bayside hospital.

St. Mary’s kids enjoy the spirited dances, but most of all, are grateful for the close knit friendships they have formed with the dancers over time.