Executive Director of Roslyn Savings Foundation Joins St. Mary’s Kids for a Tea Party

Foundation Helps Support the Diverse Needs of St. Mary’s Kids through Grants

Tea and biscuits was the theme of a mid-morning party held in the luxurious courtyard at St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children in Bayside, Queens.

St. Mary’s kids, some of the region’s most critically ill and injured children battling complex medical and life-limiting conditions, hosted a tea party to honor a special guest who has helped make a difference in their lives- Marian Conway, Executive Director of Roslyn Savings Foundation.

The light sprinkles and overcast skies didn’t stop the girls from wearing their sun dresses and beach hats and the boys in their fancy tuxedos. Joined by St. Mary’s staff, also elegantly dressed for the occasion, everyone gathered under the decorative tent draped with hanging butterflies, dangling stars, and dashing colors, all the creative expressions and works of art of St. Mary’s kids.

As Ms. Conway made her entrance to join the morning of fine dining, she was presented with a special gift. She was impressed with the compassion and warm-heartedness St. Mary’s staff displayed towards the children, and was even more amazed to experience the energy and happiness emanating from the patients as they all talked and played, as if nothing in the world could be wrong.

It was just last year Ms. Conway visited St. Mary’s, one of the region’s largest providers of post-acute pediatric care for children with special needs, and discovered the precious gifts of life that were given and received by patients, staff, and families of the bayside Hospital. After spending a few moments watching St. Mary’s kids learning to grow and thrive within a caring and family-centered environment, and learning about the comprehensive network of Inpatient, Community, and Home Care programs that serve over 4,000 children in the New York region and beyond, she knew St. Mary’s was a deserving recipient.

Becoming a champion for St. Mary’s kids, Roslyn Savings Foundation has provided almost $20,000 through grants to help St. Mary’s fund diverse programs and services such as; a weekend respite camp for parents of children with autism, as well as updated equipment to support St. Mary’s pioneering Intensive Rehabilitation Program and family-centered and educational approach to providing care.