Great Neck South Community Creates Magical Holiday for St. Mary’s Kids

Magic Phil & Students of Great Neck South Middle School Put on Holiday Magic Show for St. Mary’s Patients

The students of Great Neck South Middle School visited St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children with a little magic in their pockets and kindness in their hearts.

The youngsters once again brought “Magic Phil” and his infamous magic show to entertain the young patients at St. Mary’s during the most festive time of the year.

Magic Phil spent the afternoon unleashing his bag of tricks, from magical wands, disappearing ducks, cats in a hat, and bundles of jokes and games. St. Mary’s kids anxiously participated in the show and even won special prizes.

The holiday magic show is just one of the many extraordinary kind gestures the young students display in an effort to bring joy to St. Mary’s kids.

The Great Neck community has passionately been an avid supporter for St. Mary’s kids and actively raises funds and awareness to support St. Mary’s inpatient, community, and homecare programs that offer intensive rehabilitation, education, and specialized care to children and families with special needs throughout the New York Metropolitan region and beyond.

Great Neck South students make multiple visits each year, spending time with St. Mary’s kids, engaging in arts & crafts activities and favorite hobbies, but most of all, creating long-lasting friendships and memories.

Each year, St. Mary’s kids look forward to their friends from Great Neck South visiting, and can never get enough of their tricks and treats.