Great Neck Student Rounds up Tons of Support for School Supply Drive for St. Mary’s Kids

Jamie Diamond’s Good Deed Will Help Brighten the Holidays for Children & Families With Special Needs

Colorful autumn leaves fill the bright skies as the winds carry a breath of fresh fall air. That time of year is approaching near- the holidays.

During these festive months, young students like Jamie Diamond always find a way to invite the spirits of the season into their hearts and reach out to those less fortunate.

For the 3rd year in a row, Jamie gathered the support of her Great Neck community friends, families, and neighbors, and coordinated a school supply drive for the young patients of St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children, some of the most seriously ill and injured children battling complex medical and life-limiting conditions.

Jamie donated over 15 boxes filled with an array of supplies for children of all ages. Notebooks, coloring books, pens, pencils, arts & crafts activities, and colorful cartoon character folders, were just some of the many items Jamie gathered.

Jamie’s involvement in St. Mary’s stems from her close knit ties with Robin Portnoy and family, all of whom are dedicated advocates of St. Mary’s. Robin’s son Zachy was a former patient at St. Mary’s who passed away years ago and since, both the Portnoy family and Jamie has kept St. Mary’s close to their hearts.

Jamie’s act of generosity couldn’t have come during a better time, as the economy has finally taken its toll on St. Mary’s families whom are in desperate need of such support. During these unforeseen situations many of St. Mary’s children and families with special needs are struggling to keep afloat with basic necessities such as food, supplies, shelter, and clothing.

St. Mary’s urges you to invite these families into your hearts, as Jamie has done. Your donations, no matter how small or big, can help make a difference for thousands of children this holiday season.