History on Wheels

St. Mary’s Kids Travel Throughout the World, Courtesy of American Museum of Natural History

From ancient African artifacts to mysterious Dinosaur fossils and fascinating cultural arts, the patients of St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children had the opportunity to explore and learn about some of the most renowned historical highlights in the world, all right here in the heart of the Bayside hospital.

Thanks to a free program provided by the American Museum of Natural History, the children of St. Mary’s, one of the region’s largest providers of intensive rehabilitation, education, and specialized medical care for children with special needs, enjoyed state-of-the art walk-in exhibition sites and personal tours of the “Moveable Museum,” housed in a large a recreational van.

The educational outreach program aims to bring a unique learning experience to children across New York City, and the young patients of St. Mary’s were eager to dive into their new and exciting adventures across the seven continents.

As the children were brought onboard they eagerly listened to the remarkable stories of old burial grounds, historical sea life, and the African way of life. They were handed ancient artifacts and were taught the meaning behind each of the items.

It was a dynamic opportunity for St. Mary’s kids, as their life-limiting conditions and unique needs make is difficult for them to enjoy a day out at the museum. But the museum came to them and they were overjoyed to be able to participate.

“It’s a great feeling to bring this program to children and to see their smiles and the energy they have. They really benefit from the experience and are grateful for the opportunity,” said Rebeca Hampden from the Department of Education at the Moveable Museum.