Kids Wish Network Awards “Hero of the Month” to Determined Patient

St. Mary’s Pediatric Day Healthcare Program (PDHC) is pleased to announce the December Hero of the Month was awarded to Joshua.

16-year old Joshua has been part of St. Mary’s Hospital for Children since 2004 and is a patient in the PDHC program, a therapeutic and medical after-school and weekend program for children and young adults who have cognitive and physical disabilities.

Joshua receives intensive rehabilitation at St. Mary’s to help him overcome the challenges associated with his disability, but that hasn’t stopped him from becoming a strong and determined young man with an encouraging attitude. Joshua approaches all obstacles with confidence and pushes himself to the limits during his physical therapy sessions. He always has a smile on his face and inspires other patients to look beyond their disabilities and celebrate their accomplishments.

Joshua is a true role model for patients as he helps the younger children complete their homework, and enjoys mentoring and assisting them in making smart and safe choices.

St. Mary’s staff and patients congratulate Joshua on his recognition and encourage him to continue believing in himself.

Using therapeutic, rehabilitative, and recreational activities, St. Mary’s PDHC staff help children with special healthcare needs develop every capability to his or her fullest. Caregivers work with participants to promote their skills, confidence, and independence in a nurturing and fun environment

Hospitals and child care facilities throughout the country participate in Kids Wish Network’s Hero of the Month Program to encourage children to go above and beyond in their recovery goals. As a participating facility, St. Mary’s nominates a child each month whose accomplishments are particularly deserving.

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