Knights of Columbus from Flushing, NY Raises over $4,000 in Support of Annual Walk for St. Mary’s Kids

Group Walked in Memory of Knights Member Late Son

Loosing his son was an uphill battle for Steven Torretto, but gaining the members of the Knights of the Columbus has helped him deal with the pain.

With the founding principles of charity, unity, fraternity, and patriotism, The Knights of Columbus are dedicated to giving back to the community and providing support and assistance to those in need, and that’s just what they are doing for Steven and for the young patients of St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children, one of the region’s largest providers of post-acute pediatric care for children with special needs.

A few years ago, Steven’s son Raphael suffered from a severe medical condition and unfortunately lost the battle. As the current chancellor of council for the Knights, Steven learned about St. Mary’s and about the Annual Walk held in support of the innovative programs and services offered to families who are facing the emerging issues of caring for special needs children, and instantly felt a connection.

He then urged members of the Knights to support St. Mary’s in their efforts and everyone quickly jumped on board. Led by captain and Grand Knight, Fred Jost, the Knights formed a walk team in memory of Raphael and began recruiting the help of friends and family to host fundraising and campaigning events throughout the area.

Through raffle drawings, lectures, Knight at the Races 50/50 event, bar events, selling of welcome door mats, collaboration with other charitable organizations, and much more, the Knights raised over 4,000 in support of the 6th Annual Walk for St. Mary’s Kids and Family Fun Day held on Sunday, May 17th at Belmont Park, the biggest grassroots event of the year to raise funds and awareness for children with special needs.

With over 40 team members, the Knights were in full force at Belmont Park helping to oversee registration, check-in, and overall Walk logistics, despite the high winds and rainy skies. They couldn’t be missed with their orange team t-shirts, showering the day with their bright smiling faces, enthusiastic cheers, and overwhelming generosity.

It was a proud day for St. Mary’s kids to have some of their biggest fans walking proudly by their side, followed by over 2,000 walkers, 90 walk teams and hundreds of entertainers.

The Knights of Columbus have gone above and beyond for St. Mary’s kids and are truly the knights of St. Mary’s.

We salute the Knights for their diligence in helping to make a difference for the children of St. Mary’s, and their families.

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