Moms of Northeast Queens Join St. Mary’s Kids for a Special “Mother’s Day” Planting Activity

White Post Farms Generously Donates Flowers to Help Make Mother’s Day a Special Day for St. Mary’s Families

Moms of Northeast Queens and White Post Farms teamed up to help the children of St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children give their mother’s a  very special Mother’s Day present they won’t forget.

A group of Queen’s mothers and their children joined St. Mary’s kids, some of New York’s most seriously ill and injured children, in making “Mother’s Day” plants so patients could surprise their mother’s with exquisite potted plants for Mother’s Day.

White Post Farms of Melville, LI, generously donated plastic flower pots and all the flowers for the day’s event including an array of colorful begonias and impatiens to help brighten Mother’s Day for St. Mary’s families.

St. Mary’s kids are faced with complex medical and life-limiting conditions due to serious illness, injury and complications of premature birth, and receive intensive rehabilitation and specialized medical care at St. Mary’s. Therapeutic programs and educational activities such as planting, helps St. Mary’s kids overcome the challenges associated with their disability and allow them to practice life-building skills that help build confidence.

St. Mary’s Kids were eager to get their hands dirty and couldn’t wait to bring home their finished plants to their Mother’s.

Moms of Northeast Queens was started in 2006 by two moms who left the working world to raise their young children and has become not only an active online community, but also a resourceful and hands-on support group for moms where they could communicate and find support during the challenges of motherhood.