North Shore Hebrew Academy Wishes a Happy Thanksgiving to Patients of St. Mary’s Hospital for Children

Students of North Shore Hebrew Academy Visit Hospital and Present Kids with Thanksgiving Cards

Students and teachers of the North Shore Hebrew Academy wanted to make sure the young patients at St. Mary’s Hospital for Children enjoyed their Thanksgiving Day and presented them with special holiday cards to wish them well for the festive season.

The cards were decorated to highlight the Thanksgiving holiday and included special phrases to help create new friendships between the students andSt.Mary’s Kids. The students also entertained St. Mary’s Kids with a special song and puppet show.

In return, to show their appreciation, St. Mary’s Kids also presented the students with cards of their own they especially created for them.

The children of St. Mary’s are battling complex medical and life-limiting conditions due to serious illness, injury and complications of premature birth and look forward to creating new bonds and relationships with other children.

“This is the beginning of a new and unique relationship and we are grateful that we had the opportunity to meet with the children of St. Mary’s and make their holiday season joyous and festive,” said Sharon Rudoy Fishman, PTA Chairwoman and Event Organizer.