Nurses at St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children Receive Speciality Board Certification

Bency Mathew, Heather Painter, and Judy Liang Receive Board Certification in Pediatric Nursing

St. Mary’s nursing staff is second to none when it comes to caring for children with special needs and life-limiting conditions. Demonstrating their ongoing commitment to the children and to their profession, three of St. Mary’s registered nurses recently earned the distinction of Board Certification in their fields.

Bency Mathew, RN, Assistant Director of Nursing; Heather Painter, RN, CHPN, Manager of Staff Development; and Judy Liang RN, have successfully passed their Pediatric Nursing Certification Boards, earning them the credential of Certified Pediatric Nurses (CPN). Nurses who achieve this level of distinction have extensive experience in pediatric practice and demonstrate knowledge and abilities related to pediatric nursing that extend beyond basic RN licensure.

Certification recognizes an individual as having achieved a level of expertise and specialization in their specialty. It identifies the nurse as having a recognized degree of proficiency, as demonstrated by clinical practice and the passing of a rigorous exam.

“St. Mary’s recognizes the importance of certification and supports specialization to promote individual achievement and organizational excellence,” remarked Kathryn Lang, RN, St. Mary’s Director of Nursing Services, on the achievements of her staff. “We congratulate Bency, Heather, and Judy on their accomplishments and continued dedication to improving the health and quality of life for our children.”