Program Spotlight: Nutrition Education

For all of the children at St. Mary’s, the importance of eating well is encouraged. Nutrition education is a key part of our ongoing efforts to keep our kids healthy while advancing important therapeutic goals.

Our hospital’s Farm-to-Table program, now in its fourth year, continues to thrive. It’s one of the most popular programs at our hospital: not only does it provide preventative care through nutrition education, but the program is also a lot of fun! Kids at St. Mary’s Hospital for Children get to participate in activities like gardening, interactive cooking classes, and even field trips to garden centers.

Thank you to Council Member Paul Vallone and an anonymous family foundation in Nashville for supporting Farm-to-Table.

Many children in our Home Care program, particularly those on gastronomy tubes or enteral feeding devices, receive home visits from our nutritionists to help ensure their optimal health. With support from the Cardinal Health Foundation, we are piloting a more intensive nutritional program for children with diabetes and/or obesity. Our nutritionists are assisting families with meal planning, grocery shopping, and hands-on cooking demonstrations with fresh fruits and vegetables. Proper nutrition counseling in the home improves the health and well-being of patients while reducing avoidable hospitalizations.

Children with special needs are at a much higher risk for nutrition-related health problems. Your support ensures that the kids , whether at home or in our hospital, are learning how to eat well so they can have happier, healthier lives.

To learn more about the program, please visit our Community Programs.