Queens Borough President, Helen Marshall Presents St. Mary’s Patient With Prestigious Award

Kea Honored For Inspirational Essay She Wrote About Her Disability

Kea is a strong and courageous young woman who faces a severe disability that leaves her wheel-chair bound and makes it difficult for her to speak. But Kea never let’s her condition bring her down, in fact, she fights each battle determined to succeed.

That’s why Kea, an inpatient at St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children, was 1 out of 11 honorees who was honored by Queens Borough President, Helen Marshall for an outstanding essay she wrote about the struggles she faces each day coping with her condition, and how she learns to manage and overcome each obstacle.

Kea wrote about her life before her disability and how drastically everything changed in a flash of a moment. She wrote about the phenomenal care she receives at St. Mary’s and how blessed she feels to have a team of caring and compassionate caregivers by her side.

Kea received the award for her inspirational writing in relaying such a heart-felt story, but also because of the incredible gains and achievements she makes each day in her journey towards recovery.

Kea‘s vitality is contagious, as all patients of St. Mary’s are immersed with courage, such as Duaa, a recovering burn victim who received the prestigious award last year.

Duaa was recognized for her outstanding performance in the Empire State Games for the Physically Challenged. She participated in every activity she could. She ran, she jumped, she threw, and she won. Duaa brought home a gold medal and her courageous achievements were rewarded by the Borough President.

The special awards ceremony is a yearly event hosted by the Queens Borough President’s Advisory Council for Persons with Disability to award children with special needs and disabilities for their outstanding achievements and commitment to excel. All children facing a special need or complex medical condition are encouraged to participate and submit their creative works of art stemming from artwork, essays, poems, or unique accomplishments.

The young honorees hailed from all parts of the New York Metropolitan area and were all honored for their bravery and commitment.