Robert, Arlene and Kaitlyn Coscia, St. Mary’s Patient Family & Judy Bland & Family from St. John’s University Donated Nintendo Wii’s for St. Mary’s Kids

Arlene and Robert Coscia keep St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children near and dear to their hearts since their daughter Kaitlyn has been receiving intensive rehabilitation and critical therapies from St. Mary’s home care and Early Intervention services, including physical therapy, special education and speech therapy, to help with her developmental delays.  Later on she was enrolled in St. Mary’s preschool program and soon began the inpatient program at St. Mary’s.

Today, Kaitlyn is healing and thriving at home with her family and continues to receive care from St. Mary’s renowned Care at Home Program. Learn more about Kaitlyn

Arlene, an employee of St. John’s University is always rounding up her friends and family to support St. Mary’s Kids and just recently, together with St. John’s University employees and volunteers hosted “Service Day” at St. Mary’s for patients featuring entertainment and lots of goodies for all the kids.

St. John’s University has actively supported St. Mary’s for many years including St. Mary’s Annual Walk for St. Mary’s Kids and through many fundraising efforts.

The Ninetendo Wii’s will certainly benefit the patients at the Hospital as St. Mary’s Kids are involved in Wii  rehabilitation as part of a therapeutic tool at St. Mary’s to encourage kids to get up and get moving while challenging them physically to meet all of their rehabilitative goals.

In Photo- L-R: Robert & Arlene Coscia with Hope Mavaro Iliceto, Chief Administrative Officer at St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children