Santa Never Misses a Year on the Big Red Firetruck

Engine 320, Ladder 167 Makes a Special Delivery for St. Mary’s Kids Before the Holidays

These local heroes spend their days chasing fires and saving lives, but on Thursday, December 16th, only 9 days before Christmas, Bayside firefighters took some time away from their courageous jobs to pay a visit to some special friends at St. Mary’s Hospital for Children, and even brought along a surprise guest from the North Pole.

Santa Claus himself appeared on the roof with his big red bag hung over his shoulder filled with all kinds of goodies for St. Mary’s patients. As he climbed down the fire engine waving and smiling, he yelled, “Ho! Ho! Ho! Happy holidays!.”

St. Mary’s kids lit up with joy and excitedly waited their turn to sit on Santa’s lap and run down their holiday lists.

Santa and the firefighters, aka, his little elves, spent the afternoon handing out presents, visiting with patients and their families, and creating happy memories for the holiday season.

The firefighters of Engine 320, Ladder 167 in Bayside, Queens make their annual visit bearing toys and presents to help spread the holiday festivities to young patients at St. Mary’s whom are battling complex medical and life-limiting conditions. The yearly tradition is just another way the young men and woman show their deep affection for some of their favorite neighborhood children.