St. Mary’s Celebrates National Home Care Month

St. Mary’s Salutes Caregivers for Providing Extraordinary Care for St. Mary’s Children & Families

St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children is proud to celebrate National Home Care Month, a time when the Home Care community joins together to celebrate the practice of home care and all of the individuals who make it possible, especially the dedicated and renowned diverse team of caregivers at St. Mary’s.

St. Mary’s believes that in most cases, home is the appropriate care delivery setting for children to heal and thrive. St. Mary’s pioneered the first long-term home healthcare program for children in New York over 25 years ago, and today still remains the largest and most comprehensive provider of services to children with special healthcare needs.

The children of St. Mary’s are challenged with a wide array of complications stemming from serious illness, injury and premature birth. St. Mary’s nurses, therapists and doctors provide an array of home care services that help patients and their families achieve all of their rehabilitative and medical goals within the comfort of their own homes.

Thank you to all of St. Mary’s caregivers for an outstanding job!