St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children Celebrates National Humor Month

St. Mary’s Laughter Club Presents Therapeutic Program

It was a day of jokes and laughter at St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children, and everyone from patients, families, visitors, and staff joined in on the fun.

On Thursday, April 16th, in honor of national humor month, members of St. Mary’s laughter club encouraged everyone to experience the truly hilarious benefits of the new healing therapy program the hospital introduced, as they set up a table filled with joke books, talking parrots, laughing Elmo, and other fun items promised to leave a smile on anyone’s face.

As visitors walked through the lobby entrance, their first stop was “laughter central,” where they spent a few moments learning about the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual benefits of therapeutic laughter, joined in on laughter exercises, and received handy reading materials and other goodies.

The laughter club was developed by St. Mary’s Palliative Care team, and is available to the entire Healthcare organization in an effort to promote a healing and thriving environment for both patients and staff.

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