St. Mary’s Inpatient Named “Hero of the Month” From Kids Wish Network

Danielle Honored For her Positive Attitude, Courage, and Dedication to Achieving Her Medical Goals

The children of St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children face insurmountable circumstances, from chronic illnesses, severe injuries or accidents, to complications of premature birth. Yet, they make remarkable recoveries each day and overcome the most incredible challenges.

11-year old Danielle, an inpatient at St. Mary’s, is a perfect example of a patient who was faced with hardship, but with hard work and determination was able to overcome incredible obstacles.

Danielle’s bravery and courage earned her the prestigious “Hero of the Month” award from the Kids Wish Network, a nationally recognized charitable organization dedicated to infusing hope, creating happy memories, and improving the quality of life for children.

Due to a chronic medical condition, Danielle has experienced multiple surgeries. Danielle came to St. Mary’s, a national leader in post-acute care for children with special needs and life-limiting conditions, to learn how to manage her condition, achieve independence, and grow. She surpassed all expectations, showing us that that the possibilities are endless and anything can be achieved.

Danielle was nominated by St. Mary’s staff for her courageous attitude and bravery in meeting her medical and rehabilitative goals, for being a role model to the other patients, and most of all, because of her dedication and high spirits even through the most difficult times. Danielle’s positive outlook is infectious, as other patients of the hospital often follow in her footsteps and look up to her.

To show Danielle that her hard work did not go unnoticed, the esteemed honor was accompanied by special gifts such as a hand-written card from Kids Wish Network, a certificate, a Hero of the Month t-shirt, and a gift card to Target.

Hospitals and child care facilities throughout the country participate in Kids Wish Network’s monthly program to award children between the ages of 3- 18 who have faced and overcome difficult circumstances, often enduring a great deal of pain and suffering. Although their young lives are changed forever, their courage and spirit serve as an inspiration to all.

Danielle’s inspirational story will give other children and their families the courage to stay strong and keep fighting. As Danielle showed us all, anything is possible.