St. Mary’s Kids Deliver Handmade Cards to Assembly Member Gottfried

One dozen young patients from St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children, along with their caregivers, visited the district office of State Assembly Member and Health Committee Chair Richard Gottfried (D-75th) this morning to deliver handmade cards asking him to protect Medicaid for the growing number of medically fragile children across the State.

The cards, created by St. Mary’s Kids, all of whom are battling complex medical conditions, were made in support of Senate Budget bill 6256-C, the passage of which would mark a critical step toward creating awareness of and protections for New York’s growing population of children with medically complex conditions.

St. Mary’s families and staff are asking the State Assembly to adopt and pass language from Senate Budget bill S. 6256-C, establishing a workgroup for medically fragile children that includes home care agencies that serve this population along with pediatric nursing homes and diagnostic and treatment centers. 

“Home care is not only the most cost-effective model of care, it is the best place for young patients to heal and thrive,” said St. Mary’s President and CEO Jeff Frerichs. “It is critical that we bring all pediatric care providers, from nursing facilities to home care agencies, to the table and come up with solutions that will protect our kids for years to come.”

The State budget will be closing soon.  You can help by signing the petition and asking the Assembly to adopt the Senate language. Help ensure that NY State recognizes and protects children with medically complex conditions.