St. Mary’s Kids Design Cards of Inspiration for Israeli Children

Dr. Edwin Simpser Visits Hadassah Medical Center during Business Trip and Invited for Grand Rounds

“You’re a shining star, you can do it. I like to read, do you?” “Hello, how are you? I hope you’re feeling better.” “You’re the greatest.”

These heartfelt words were written by the children of St. Mary’s Hospital for Children, as they were inspired to share some of the hope they receive at the Bayside hospital, with the children of Israel who are caught amidst a rage of gunfire, missiles, and explosions.

During the last few weeks, the stream of violent uproars and grueling battles between Israelis and Palestinians has left an unforgettable dent, rocking the peace and serenity for all children of the land. Heightening extremities has claimed innocent lives of hundred’s of children, leaving others desperately searching refuge. Families have lost their homes, and hope is nearing end.

But not everyone has lost hope. St. Mary’s kids embrace hope and courage everyday of their lives, as they battle complex medical and life-limiting conditions. Enduring difficult obstacles that impede their paths to recovery, St. Mary’s kids never give up, and that’s what they encouraged the children of Israel to do.

With the help of St. Mary’s therapists, surrounded by an assortment of bright paints and colors, St. Mary’s kids created paper cards filled with encouraging words and phrases to send to Israeli kids to help lift their spirits, and in an effort to create friendships with these children whom they relate to.

Edwin Simpser MD, Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of St. Mary’s traveled to Israel and volunteered to be the official “messenger,” bringing the cards with him.

Dr. Simpser was able to visit with the children of Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, and delivered the handmade cards, which were met with joy and excitement. Dr. Simpser noted the children’s spirits were already beginning to beam.

During his visit, Dr. Simpser was also invited to do grand rounds at the Hospital focusing on Palliative Care; the first program of its kind in New York State pioneered by St. Mary’s. Graciously accepting the offer, Dr. Simpser reciprocated with an open invitation to St. Mary’s.

Colleagues of Hadassah Hospital are eager to visit St. Mary’s and learn about the hospital’s vital programs and services in an effort to pattern many of St. Mary’s innovative and unique techniques.

It seems like the children aren’t the only one’s creating long-lasting friendships.