St. Mary’s Kids Get Moving in a Special Zumba Class at St. Mary’s Hospital for Children

Young Adult and Inpatient Programs Keep in Shape with New Monthly Zumba Class at St. Mary’s Bayside Campus

St. Mary’s Kids are dancing themselves into great shape with a brand new, monthly Zumba class at St. Mary’s Bayside facility. Starting this past week, St. Mary’s inpatient and after school programs will get together once a month to mingle and move together – all while working towards their rehabilitation goals.

“Our new Zumba class is a fantastic way for us to get the kids moving in a way that makes them excited to exercise and work towards reaching their rehab goals,” said Jessica Carney, Manager of Therapeutic Recreation.  “Focusing on exercise is critical for our kids and they’ve found Zumba to be a fun way to get fit.”

Zumba is a Latin dance-inspired fitness program set to music with fast and slow rhythms. The exhilarating, dance fitness-party is moving St. Mary’s Kids and Young Adults towards their goals of living healthy and happy lives in a way that allows them to truly enjoy the process.

The children of St. Mary’s are battling complex medical and life-limiting conditions due to serious illness, injury and complications of premature birth.