St. Mary’s Kids Organize Bake Sale to Support Disaster Relief Efforts for Earthquake Survivors in Japan

Patients in St. Mary’s Pediatric Day Healthcare Program Raise Almost $600

Children and young adults in St. Mary’s Pediatric Day Healthcare Program (PDHC) coordinated a bake sale, raising almost $600 to support families in Japan who lost their homes, belongings, and family members when a massive earthquake and tsunami shattered the Northeast country.

The children of St. Mary’s, some of the most seriously ill and injured children in the New York metro region, know all to well about the much needed support following a tragedy as they themselves are coping with chronic illnesses, serious injuries, and complex medical conditions, some of which has left them wheelchair bound, unable to speak, eat, or lead a normal life.

Just as they have come to St. Mary’s to heal, grow, and receive physical and emotional support to help them recover, they were eager to reach out to help others in their own time of turmoil and help them heal.

Day by day, as they watched the unfolding events in Japan, St. Mary’s kids, ranging from ages 3-25 years old, combined their creative ideas and skills to come up with a fitting plan to show their support for survivors. St. Mary’s staff supported the idea by donating some of the baked goods for the bake sale.

St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children is a national leader in pediatric post-acute care for children with special healthcare needs. St. Mary’s PDHC program provides therapeutic and medical after-school, weekend, and summer camp programs for children and young adults who have cognitive and physical disabilities. The program encourages independence and teaches patients to build basic life skills and coordinate and participate in events.

This is not the first time the young patients have gotten involved in relief efforts. Following the Haiti tragedy just last year when an earthquake tore through the Caribbean island, patients were quick to launch a fundraising event to help raise funds for residents overseas.

St. Mary’s kids selected “Save the Children” and “Habitat for Humanity” to donate 100% of the proceeds to.