St. Mary’s Ranks in the Top 10% of Skilled Nursing Facilities in the Country

St. Mary’s Hospital for Children is pleased to announce that it has ranked in the top 10% Nursing facilities in the country in providing Quality Care, and is the second best performing Nursing Home in New York State for February through to July 2014. The results were announced by IPRO, the New York State Healthcare Quality Improvement Organization that works under contract with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS).

In August IPRO started working on a Statewide National Project with for all Nursing homes to support the Quality Improvement Programs of all the Nursing facilities. Facilities were scored based on their Nursing Homes 5 STAR ratings and low “Composite Scores”.

The Composite score is the sum of all the Long Term Quality Measures numerators, divided by the sum of all the Long Term Quality Measures Denominator. St. Marys Hospital for Children’s Composite Score for the specific time period was .65. The National cut-off for the top 10% was 6.00% and the New York state cut off for the top 10% was 5.50%.