St. Mary’s Staff Honored for Milestone Service Anniversaries

Over 100 Employees Receive Recognition for Years of Dedicated Service and Commitment to Helping Improve the Quality of Life for Children with Special Needs

Senior leadership and staff members of St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children gathered to congratulate fellow colleagues for their years of dedicated service and commitment to helping to improve the quality of care and life for children and families with special needs.

The annual Employee Service Recognition Awards Ceremony honored over 100 employees for achieving milestone service anniversaries from 5 years of service all the way up to a 35 year reign.

Edwin Simpser, MD, Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Medical Officer, and Chief Operating Officer at St. Mary’s personally congratulated all recipients for helping to provide the necessary day to day services that have continued to help over 4,000 families in the New York Metropolitan region and beyond battling chronic and complex medical conditions.

St. Mary’s skilled professionals ranging from therapists, social workers, doctors, nurses, psychologists, nutritionists, and counselors, all collaborate to create a family-centered philosophy that promotes confidence, growth, and independence in a nurturing environment. Through a comprehensive network of inpatient, community, and home care programs, all patients receive the highest quality, goal-oriented medical and rehabilitative care.

Staff members work diligently with the family to coordinate customized care plans depending on each child’s unique condition, and encourages the family to be involved in their child’s healing, every step of the way.

Dr. Simpser went on to describe how proud he was about the prominent ground-breaking programs and services that have been created at St. Mary’s since its inception 137 years ago and how grateful he is to all employees that have chosen to stay onboard this long and are helping to create miracles.

Congratulations to all employees!