Students & Alumni of St. Andrew Avellino School Raise Over $500 to Benefit St. Mary’s Kids, By Caroling

Youngsters Use Their Voices to Bring Holiday Joy to Patients and Families at St. Mary’s

There’s nothing better than a group of melodious voices singing holiday carols at your front door during this festival season of unlimited celebrations.

Well, what might be better is that these voices aren’t only bringing a little cheer to you and your family, but have united together to help raise funds and spread some holiday spirit to young patients and their families of St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children.

Students and alumni of St. Andrew Avellino School in Flushing, NY, were brought together once again to help support their long-time friends at St. Mary’s, a national leader in post-acute care for children with special needs and life-limiting conditions.

During those wintry nights when windshields were below “0”, icicles were falling from the tree tops, and inches of snow battered the region, the students ventured out to their neighborhoods singing holiday carols and raised over $500 to support programs and services at St. Mary’s that are offered to over 4,000 children and their families with special needs.

The students even wrote a heartwarming letter to let their young friends at St. Mary’s know, how much they really care about them.

the attached letter and let the students of St. Andrew Avellino warm your hearts this holiday season.