Students From the Prestigious Julliard School Perform for St. Mary’s Kids

Lincoln Center’s Community Outreach Program Aims to Bring Cheer to Special Needs Children

Encore, Encore!.

It was the perfect ending to a day at St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children, one of the region’s largest providers of post-acute pediatric care for children with special needs.

The hospital was filled with eager patients, families, and staff, as they listened to the melodious sounds of three musical geniuses from The Julliard School of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

Violinists, Ritchie Zah and Brian Bak, and pianist, Christopher Schmitt entertained everyone at the Bayside hospital on Thursday, May 7th, as they played some of the most famous compositions created by musical artists from around the world, some dating back to over 150 years ago.

Just to name a few, “Selections from Chopin’s Etudes,” “Czarda,” “Brahms violin sonata last movement,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” and many more.

These young performers not only astounded the crowd with their professionalism, courtesy, and amazing musical talents, but they also provided an afternoon of pure serenity and healing for St. Mary’s kids.

Renowned therapists at St. Mary’s have incorporated music therapy as a form of healing for St. Mary’s kids, and proven results show improvement in many of the children’s conditions.

So, the afternoon treat of music therapy from one of the world’s most prestigious conservatories for performing arts, was a nice surprise for the young patients of St. Mary’s, some of the most seriously ill and injured children in the New York area.

The entertainers are part of Lincoln Center’s Department of Programs and Services for People with Disabilities Community Outreach Program, and present annual spring concerts in an effort to help enrich the lives of special needs children and adults throughout hospitals and nursing homes.

All hailing from impressive backgrounds with many distinguished awards under their belts, the group felt privileged to have had the opportunity to play for the extraordinary children of St. Mary’s and promise to come back next year.

As for St. Mary’s kids, they were happy to have had the chance to create long-lasting friendships.