Students of Great Neck South Middle School Bring a Little Magic to St. Mary’s Hospital for Children

Magic Phil’s Bag of Tricks Brings Amusement to St. Mary’s Kids and Their Families

There was a little magic in the air at St. Mary’s Hospital for Children on Friday, January 9th.

During their visit to the Bayside hospital, students of Great Neck South Middle School brought a special guest with them to show St. Mary’s kids the impossible really can happen. The one and only Magic Phil spent the afternoon amusing St. Mary’s kids with a bundle of jokes and games, and magic wands that created miracles.

Magic Phil pulled out his bag of tricks, extended his arms into the air, and told St. Mary’s kids to believe in the magic and reach out and grab it; and they all did.

His sense of humor matched his extraordinary magic skills as he had St. Mary’s kids rolling over in laughter eagerly waiting to see more tricks.

And he certainly had a few tricks up his sleeve from disappearing acts to number games and card tricks. During his magic show, the animated performer recruited the help of a few assistants and many of St. Mary’s kids had the chance to take the stage with the energetic magician, and were even rewarded prizes.

Magic Phil is no stranger to the Bayside hospital as he has been spreading his magic to the children of St. Mary’s for over 3 years, and each year, his tricks keep getting better and better

The students of Great Neck have been supporting St. Mary’s for many years and always find a way to give back to some of New York areas most seriously ill and injured children whom they have become close friends with, sharing laughter and conversations. Dressed in their red and green holiday costumes, The students gathered around St. Mary’s kids asking them about their hobbies, musical likes, and just good old kids talk.

Just a few weeks earlier, the students visited the hospital to drop off toys they donated to St. Mary’s kids for the holidays, and their first request was to visit with the patients.

St. Mary’s kids always enjoy spending time with the 7th and 8th graders and are grateful for the long lasting friendships.

The students of Great Neck are prime examples of kids helping kids and they always go long distances for their favorite pals at St. Mary’s.